Alexoo pictured from the shoulders up under neon blue and organge lights. They wear a pair of black sunglasses

Escape Reality

Escape reality with sci-fi and mystery/suspense tales.

My name is Sherri Fulmer Moorer. I write because I’ve always loved to do it, and ebooks allowed me to share those stories with readers. The purpose of my writing is to escape reality and experience the adventure of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

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Jan 11

Want more #mystery? Be careful what you wish for. It’s dangerous to manipulate fate. Explore the #paranormal #mystery that turns a Smoky Mountain town upside down. 2 #ebooks for $0.99 through January 10 at and

Dec 16 2022

Blurry is on sale today only for $1.99! Rachel's life is turned upside down by her friend's death and her ex-boyfriend's double life. Grab this #ya #mystery #suspense while it's on sale today at

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